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What are you eating for lunch today?

Last night’s leftovers?

Something you bulk-bought at the beginning of the week?

Food you freshly prepared this morning?

Your lunch is what keeps you going through your working day.

In Britain you might pack a plastic box with sandwiches, a packet of potato chips and fruit.
In Japan, it could be white rice, meat or fish with pickled vegetables in a bento box.

In the Philippines perhaps a baon containing pork adobo and rice.

Lunchtime is a perfect way to break up the working day and provides the fuels to see us through the afternoon.

For our latest #CNNFood challenge we want to know what you bring with you to work.

Join the #CNNFood challenge and share your lunchbox pictures and videos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Tag them #CNNFood and make sure you tell us where in the world you’re enjoying your packed lunch.

So get packing and snapping this lunch hour!

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