This solar-powered TV brings global news to rural Africa

Story highlights

  • A solar power provider in Kenya has launched a TV suitable for low-energy use
  • People who live off-grid in rural areas can buy the set on a monthly payment plan
  • This could change the lives of the 70% of Kenyans who currently do not have a TV

(CNN)In rural Kenya, people walk for miles in the blistering sun after work just to watch television in the nearest town.

At 7pm, in the village restaurants, the music turns off, and the news turns on.
In this nation of 45 million people -- where many live without electricity -- only 30% of Kenyans have their own television.
    Now a start-up has developed a 16-inch TV which runs on the sun's rays, bringing communication to the masses.
    "There are some 5 million homes in Kenya that don't have electricity," says Jesse Moore, founder of M-KOPA Solar.
    "And the product most people living off-the-grid want to get is a television."

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