San Francisco cops rescue stranded, shivering baby sea lion

Little George Bison

Story highlights

  • When officers arrived, the pup tried to cuddle next to them
  • They named him "George Bison"

(CNN)This is the kind of call cops don't mind responding to: baby sea lion in distress.

Officers with the San Francisco police department found a sea lion pup wandering around by itself near a stairwell in the Ocean Beach neighborhood. It had waddled its way out of the ocean and was tired, lost and scared.
When officers arrived, the little brown pinniped cuddled next to them trying to warm itself up.
    Officers named the pup "George Bison," though they aren't sure if it was a boy or a girl.
    "George" is the call sign for officers assigned to the district, and "Bison" after the station's softball team mascot.
    This was around 1 a.m. Monday morning.
      Officers held on little George to make sure it didn't cross into oncoming traffic once the morning commute began.
      Then they transferred their flippered friend to the Marine Mammal Center, which works with injured or abandoned mammals.