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Cincinnati Zoo stands by decision to kill gorilla

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It’s Friday, and here are five things to know for your New Day.

1. Gorilla killed

The Cincinnati Zoo said it made a tough, but right, decision to kill a 450-lb. gorilla after a 4-year-old boy slipped into its habitat. A chorus of critics bitterly disagrees. They say the gorilla, Harambe, was trying to help the boy and that zookeepers should have used tranquilizers instead of bullets. The zoo says tranquilizers may not have worked in time. The boy’s fine but an online petition – “Justice for Harambe” – wants his mom prosecuted.

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2. Iraq

Iraqi forces have Falluja surrounded. But that was the easy part. Now, they’ll have to push into the heart of the city and go door-to-door to push ISIS out - and that’s sure to rack up heavy civilian losses. Already, the terror group has started executing the city’s men and boys who refuse to fight for them. Liberating Falluja is a big deal: Along with Mosul, it’s one of the last two Iraqi cities under ISIS’ control. But then, Iraq faces a whole new set of challenges.

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Iraqi military advancing on key ISIS-held city

3. North Korea

Kim Jong Un is being Kim Jong Un again. This morning, his reclusive regime tried to test launch a medium-range missile - again. It failed - again. That’s dud no. 4. But Kim don’t care. The rest of the world should. Like President Obama said last week, “Each time that they test, even if those tests fail, they learn something.”

01:27 - Source: CNN
South Korea officials: North Korea missile launch fails

4. Campaign 2016

It was anything but a sleepy holiday weekend on the campaign trail. The Secret Service jumped in after four people tried to bum-rush Bernie Sanders during an Oakland rally yesterday. Meanwhile, the #NeverTrump folks are still not done with their wishful thinking. Conservative bigwig Bill Kristol promised an “impressive” candidate will emerge soon to challenge Donald Trump. The Donald handled that just like we knew he would – by calling Kristol a “dummy.”

01:36 - Source: CNN
Secret Service rush stage at Bernie Sanders rally

5. Kenya

Kenya’s military has been keeping a secret, and it’s a horrible one. CNN has discovered at least 141 soldiers were killed in January when Al-Shabaab raided a Kenyan base in Somalia. That makes it the country’s largest military defeat since its independence in 1963! Kenya’s response has been to stay mum, keep soldiers’ families in the dark and lock up anyone writing about it. Seems like the only clues come from Al-Shabaab, which released an almost hour-long video of the vicious attack.

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Investigating deadly terror attacks in Kenya


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