Libertarian voters, delegates and candidates gather at convention

Updated 9:30 PM ET, Sat May 28, 2016
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Cat Miller (left) and Alyssa Salgado are delegates for Indiana. Miller is campaign manager for Mark Rutherford, who is running for party chairman, and she recently decided to become a Libertarian. They said they received a spike in inquiries from people unhappy with Trump after Ted Cruz dropped out of the race. Jeremy Moorhead, CNN
"I'm the youngest delegate," Vina Love, age 15, said. "I have a voice. I can vote, which is always refreshing to have." Jeremy Moorhead, CNN
Clayton Hunt, a Libertarian from Texas, said he cares about preserving gun rights, establishing an open border policy and ending the war on drugs. "I can't stand Donald Trump," Hunt said. "He's basically everything we are not." Jeremy Moorhead, CNN
Lily Tang Williams, an immigrant from China, said she's making a run for Senate in Colorado as a Libertarian. "I'm running for U.S. Senate because I hate to see the country I love become like the country I'm from," Williams said. Jeremy Moorhead, CNN
A well-known figure in Libertarian circles, Starchild has made himself known for his flamboyant style and dedication to the Libertarian Party. Friday, he wore a transparent poncho with the words "demand transparency" over his only other clothing, a black Speedo. Saturday, he wore a cheetah-print dress with a matching parasol. Jeremy Moorhead, CNN
Boyd Kendall, a delegate from Mississippi, said the Libertarian Party can make unprecedented inroads this election, changing its national profile. "With this election, people are seeing its not the pot party. It's not the crazies." Jeremy Moorhead, CNN
In a year where party outsiders have made waves in the Democratic and Republican races, Seth Levy said, "We are the only outsiders that have a viable path to win." Jeremy Moorhead, CNN
Lucy Brenton said she is running for Senate in Indiana as a Libertarian. "They call me 'Momma No,'" Brenton boasted. "If it's not in the Constitution, Momma says 'no.'" Jeremy Moorhead, CNN
"I think this may well be the largest Libertarian convention in Libertarian Party history," said Nicholas Sarwark, the Libertarian National Committee chair. Jeremy Moorhead, CNN