The Bend Beatdown

Published 3:48 PM ET, Thu May 26, 2016
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On May 1, 2015, skaters arrived at Pine Nursery Park on the northern edge of the city for the first Bend Beatdown longboarding race. David G Allan
"Sidewalk surfing" on homemade longboards was obscure for decades before manufactured longboards began showing up on college campuses in the late 1990s. David G Allan
Andrew Andres, a competitive long-distance skater, holds the world record from most miles (more than 300) in a 24-hour period. He trained for the Bend Beatdown in his hometown of Miami. CNN
Andres, left, won the overall men's final at the Beatdown. David G Allan
Unlike traditional skateboarders, longboarders alternate kicking legs, building strong calves and glutes with every power push. David G Allan
The Bend Beatdown consisted of two races, a 5K and 10K, with most of the 60 racers competing in both. David G Allan
The flat but winding course was chosen because it was easy for spectators to watch and get inspired. David G Allan
Beatdown competitors ranged in age from 8 to 56. CNN
The trophies were designed by Don Griffiths at the local ISCO Manufacturing Solutions, which creates aerospace machines. David G Allan
Some longboard skaters use a paddle to propel themselves, not unlike a water paddleboard. David G Allan
A longboarder relaxes along Bend's Deschutes River. David G Allan
"I'm completely stoked. We had a really great weekend. Everyone is already talking about next year," said Conan Gay, one of the competitors and organizers of the Beatdown. CNN