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Donald Trump Jr. met with about 15 House Republicans to talk gun rights Wednesday

Trump Jr. was on Capitol Hill to help his father's presidential campaign

Washington CNN —  

Donald Trump Jr. told a group of roughly 15 House Republicans that he is an avid hunter and his father is committed to making sure any future Supreme Court appointments would uphold the Second Amendment right to bear arms, according to attendees.

“He’s just out working for his dad,” Rep. Lou Barletta said of the roundtable organized by the National Rifle Association featuring the eldest son of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

Trump Jr. told the group that he is “probably not your typical Second Amendment fighter, being the son of a rich guy from New York City,” according to Barletta.

But Barletta described Trump Jr. as saying he spent more time “in a tree stand at 5 o’clock in the morning instead of a nightclub.”

Rep. Chris Collins, who also attended the meeting called Donald Trump Jr. “the real deal” and a “life long shooter and a lifetime sportsman” who “likes to get out into the wilderness and enjoy the outdoors.”

Collins thought Donald Jr. was a successful envoy to the group, calling him an “articulate, fine young man … with a tremendous family.”

He also said that Trump’s oldest son was “as natural as anyone I’ve ever seen.”

NRA lobbyist Chris Cox told lawmakers that the pro-gun rights group weighed in with their endorsement of Trump earlier than previous elections because it is concerned about Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton’s potential nominees to the Supreme Court.

Barletta, who is not a hunter, but has a license to carry and keeps a shotgun in his house, said most members who attended did not picture Trump’s son as being an avid sportsman.

He said Trump Jr. was in Washington “to mingle and talk about Second Amendment issues.”

There was no discussion about House Speaker Paul Ryan not endorsing Trump, or about any potential vice presidential picks, Barletta said.