Italian Navy saves migrants after boat overturns

Updated 5:26 AM ET, Thu May 26, 2016
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A ship crowded with people fleeing conflict in the Mideast flips onto its side Wednesday as an Italian navy ship approaches. Five people died and 500 were rescued. Italian Navy
The ship was spotted Wednesday off the Libyan coast. Many people fleeing the Mideast on boats head to Italy. Italian Navy
Migrants cling to the hull of the ship and float in the water as Italian sailors rescue them with life rafts. Italian Navy
Italian sailors prepare to toss floatation devices into the water from their ship. Italian Navy
A migrant uses a buoy to stay afloat in the water. Italian Navy
Migrants climb a ladder to the deck of the Italian navy ship. Italian Navy
Thousands of migrants have died in the Mediterranean when their ships broke up or capsized. Italian Navy
The migrants are helped on board the ship after their own vessel sank. Italian Navy
An Italian helicopter assisted in the rescue at sea. At least seven people died but 500 were rescued. Italian Navy
The helicopter hovers above the water during the rescue operations. Italian Navy