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A former New Hampshire senator has praise for Bob Corker

"I'd vote for Donald Trump is Bob Corker were on the ticket," Judd Gregg said

Washington CNN —  

A former Republican senator who has resisted embracing Donald Trump said Monday that a possible vice presidential pick – Sen. Bob Corker – would put him in the presumptive nominee’s camp.

Judd Gregg, a longtime Republican politician in New Hampshire, told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin that Corker commands so much of his respect that he would not hesitate to back his party’s nominee should the pair run on a ticket.

“I’d vote for Donald Trump is Bob Corker were on the ticket,” Gregg said, saluting the Tennessee senator and the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

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Corker came to Trump Tower on Monday to meet with the candidate as speculation swirled that Trump could choose the experienced Washington hand to serve as his No. 2. Gregg took that as an encouraging sign.

“That shows me that he’s going to try to get himself together on issues that are critical to our nation, such as foreign policy, by listening to thoughtful people,” he told Baldwin.

Gregg, who initially endorsed Jeb Bush in the Granite State, has throughout the primary season expressed concern with Trump as the GOP standard-bearer. On Monday, he referred to Trump “a flamboyant nominee who tends to be a little erratic on occasion.”