This is the house social media built

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  • White and Riccio crowdsourced their home renovation
  • The response was overwhelming

(CNN)This is the house social media built.

This is the lock shiny and gold
That got most votes on an online poll
    That Facebookers chose, young and old.
    When Realtor Nicole White met with her friend and house flipper Mike Riccio in January, she knew they needed to incorporate social media into their next home sale. She just didn't know exactly how.
    "I went to the meeting with the idea of this is 'The House that Social Media Built.' but didn't quite know how it would come together," White told CNN.
    The pair purchased a colonial home in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, and White sought feedback on her Facebook page about the sort of finishes she should use.
    Friends Nicole White and Mike Riccio hit upon a novel idea