03:53 - Source: CNN
Egyptian officials: Debris found

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It’s Friday, and here are five things to know for your New Day.

1. EgyptAir crash

A missing plane, lots of speculation and not much else as the search for EgyptAir Flight 804 enters its second day. The plane, carrying 66 people, crashed into the Mediterranean while flying from Paris to Cairo. This morning, search crews found plane parts and passenger belongings. Egypt thinks terrorism’s to blame. So do U.S. officials. But neither has revealed any evidence to back that up. For the latest, check out our live blog.

01:25 - Source: CNN
EgyptAir crash adds to Egypt's troubles

2. Nigeria abducted schoolgirls

Two miracles in two days? That would seem to be the case as Serah Luka – another Chibok schoolgirl abducted by Boko Haram two years ago – was rescued by Nigeria’s military. Luka, the daughter of a paster, was taken to a hospital. Her rescue was on the same day that fellow freed schoolgirl Amina Ali Nkeki met with Nigeria’s president. Sadly, more than 200 girls remain missing.

01:22 - Source: CNN
Kidnapped Chibok girl meets the President of Nigeria

3. San Francisco police chief

He’s withstood protests and hunger strikes – but the fatal police shooting of a woman proved too much. Greg Suhr quit as San Francisco’s police chief yesterday. The pressure on him was already intense: not one but two racist/homophobic texting scandals and several deaths of minority suspects at the hands of cops. And the pressure didn’t just come from protesters; some on the city’s Board of Supervisors also wanted him gone.

01:06 - Source: KGO
San Francisco police chief resigns

4. Oklahoma abortion bill

Almost every year, Oklahoma lawmakers have passed bills that put new restrictions on abortions – only to have courts come back and say, ‘Nope, unconstitutional.’ Now, they’ve done what no other state has: They passed a bill (with zero discussion or debate) that effectively bans abortion by making it a felony. Critics call it a direct assault on Roe v. Wade. The anti-governor has three options: veto it, sign it, or do nothing (in which case it still becomes law).

00:55 - Source: KFOR
Oklahoma legislature passes bill criminalizing abortion

5. Military sex assaults

The U.S. military discharges victims of sex assaults instead of helping them. That’s what Human Rights Watch alleges after talking to 163 victims from all parts of the military. The victims obviously suffered trauma from the sexual assault – but the military called it “personality disorder” and used it as grounds to discharge them, the group says. As a result, the victims had trouble accessing benefits. The military called B.S. on the report, saying the group didn’t review service records.

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$136 million

News legend Morley Safer, the longest-serving “60 Minutes” correspondent, has died – one week after filing his last piece.

Turtle trouble

Got salmonella? Blame a turtle. Federal health officials warn the little guys in the shells may be responsible for outbreaks in four states.

High rise development

Dutch architects designed a house inside a cliff. The internet loved it – and its pool-as-skylight design – so it’s being built in a cliff in Lebanon.

Light in the darkness

A mug confiscated by the Nazis at Auschwitz seven decades ago held a secret: a gold ring and necklace, hidden in a false base.

Cold-hearted hack

Now hackers are going after dead folks. They got into the Twitter account of late newsman David Carr yesterday, polluting his feed with porn links.


The cash NFL is returning to the Defense Department after they were criticized for hosting paid patriotic celebrations at games.


Vet rodeo

Nothing like cheesy, Norwegian 80s pop music to bring families together, as a dad and daughter prove with their take on a-Ha’s “Take On Me.”