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Trump previously suggested he might not have a good relationship with Cameron if he's elected

But on Friday, Trump said, "I'll do just fine with David Cameron"

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The office of British Prime Minister David Cameron on Friday disputed a claim that it invited Donald Trump to London for a visit, contrary to the presumptive Republican nominee’s comments earlier in the day that he was invited “about two days ago.”

“It’s long-standing practice for the prime minister to meet with the Republican and Democrat presidential nominees if they visit the UK. Given the parties have yet to choose their nominees, there are no confirmed dates for this,” according to a 10 Downing Street statement.

Trump previously suggested in an interview with ITV’s “Good Morning Britain” host Piers Morgan that he might not have a good relationship with Cameron if he’s elected.

In December, Cameron labeled the presidential hopeful’s suggestion of a temporary ban on Muslims traveling to the U.S. as “divisive, stupid and wrong.”

Asked by Morgan about Cameron’s remarks, Trump said earlier this week that he didn’t care, but then added, “It looks like we’re not going to have a very good relationship. Who knows? I hope to have a good relationship with him, but it sounds like he’s not willing to address the problem, either.”

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He continued: “Number one, I’m not stupid, OK? I can tell you that right now. Just the opposite. Number two, in terms of divisive, I don’t think I’m a divisive person. I’m a unifier, unlike our president now. I’m a unifier.”

Friday morning, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough chided Trump on “Morning Joe” for recently criticizing Cameron.

“I didn’t go after” Cameron, Trump said. “You show me where. He came after me a little bit. And by the way, he would like me to visit 10 Downing Street. They put out that invitation about two days ago. I’ll do just fine with David Cameron. I think he’s a nice guy. I’ll do just fine. But they’ve asked me to visit 10 Downing Street. And I might do it.”

“We’re going to have a good relationship. We’re going to have a better relationship than we have right now,” Trump added.

On Friday, however, a different British politician invited Trump.

Sadiq Khan, the newly elected mayor of London, extended an invitation to the presumptive Republican nominee on ITV’s “Good Morning Britain” so he can meet Muslims, according to CBS News.

Khan, the first Muslim mayor of a Western capital city, previously told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour that he hopes Trump doesn’t win.

“I invite Donald Trump to come to London, meet my wife and my daughters, meet my friends and my neighbors, meet Londoners … they’re Londoners, they’re Muslim,” Khan said.