CNN Student News - May 20, 2016

CNN Student News - 05/20/16


    CNN Student News - 05/20/16


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May 20, 2016

Officials from several countries have been searching the Mediterranean Sea for the wreckage of EgyptAir Flight 804, which disappeared yesterday morning. What could the plane's "black box" tell them? After those reports, we're joining an entomologist in Puerto Rico on a mission to trap the mosquitoes that are blamed for spreading the Zika virus. And before we go: a moose on the loose!
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1. Name the agency that is part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and is responsible for screening airline travelers in America.
2. Britain's Queen Elizabeth II is enjoying a series of celebrations for a milestone birthday this year. How old is she?
3. What social media company is investigating a report that some of its employees may have influenced a "Trending" feed with political bias?
4. Name of the area of the Holy Land that is located along the western shore of the Jordan River and is home to seven Christian churches that have stood empty and surrounded by minefields since 1967.
5. A frozen foods company recalled 358 different products sold over 42 different brands due to concerns of contamination by what bacteria?
6. An arsenal of 26 trucks, 11 helicopters and four airplanes is being prepared in Fort Myers, Florida to combat what animal?
7. Name the invention that was first patented in 1876, is used today by 68 percent of Americans, and is credited with helping shift the world economy from agrarian to industrial.
8. A vote on June 23 will decide whether the United Kingdom remains part of or exits from what 28-nation alliance?
9. Over what body of water was EgyptAir Flight 804 when it disappeared from radar on Thursday morning?
10. On what island, a U.S. territory, did a CNN reporter recently work with an entomologist on a mission to trap mosquitoes?
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