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The KY & OR primaries on CNN in 60 seconds

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It’s Friday, and here are five things to know for your New Day.

1. Campaign 2016

Apologizing: We’re sorry. That’s what New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton said he told former tennis star James Blake yesterday, a day after New York cops slammed him to the ground and handcuffed him in a sting operation gone wrong. It was a case of mistaken identity; Blake wasn’t the man the police were looking for. Bratton said the “incident should not have happened,” race wasn’t a factor and a review would determine if the amount of force used against Blake was appropriate. “It may not have been,” Bratton conceded.

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Sanders: 'We are in till the last ballot is cast'

2. Libya

ISIS’ grip on Iraq and Syria may be slipping, but the terror group is trying to grab Libya with both hands, especially in the coastal city of Sirte. A new Human Rights Watch report says the monsters have executed 49 people there, often displaying the dead on scaffolding for days. They’ve beheaded Coptic Christians and encouraged residents to watch. They’ve put up a “kill list” at the courthouse. And they’ve cut residents off from the world.

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Why is ISIS heading to Libya?

3. Airport lines

Think airport security wait times are bad now? You ain’t seen nothing yet. Airlines for America, an airline trade group, predicts the number of passengers this summer will rise 4% over last year’s all-time high. That translates to almost 10 million more people. And with the TSA’s continuing woes, that means more hours-long delays at security checkpoints, more bags held up at the airport and more missed flights. Vacation, had to get away, huh?

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TSA reveals plan to reduce wait times

4. School desegregation

A federal court has ordered a Mississippi school district to desegregate. Wait, what year is this, 1954? Some 62 years after the Supremes ruled school segregation a no-no, schools in Cleveland, Mississippi, are still racially divided. Railroad tracks cut through the town, with schools on Cleveland’s east side virtually all black. Unacceptable, said the court. And gave the feds and the school district three weeks to figure out how to right this.

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Federal court orders town to desegregate schools

5. Overtime pay

Work more than 40 hours a week and make less than $47,476? You may be in for a raise. That’s because the White House has announced a new overtime rule for low-salaried workers who log long hours but are exempt from overtime because they’re managers. The new rule kicks in December 1 – just in time for that shiny new drone you’d been eyeing for the holidays.


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“I know I’m not Beyoncé, I can’t dance or anything like that”

If this doesn’t melt your heart, you don’t have one. A sloth in Ecuador was found holding onto a guard rail for dear life near a busy highway. Police rescued it, a vet made sure it was OK and it was released back into the wild.

A buyer dropped a cool $31.6 million at an auction last night to get “Unique Pink,” the priciest pink diamond ever sold.

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Loving it to death

The Thai island of Koh Tachai is closed to tourism because of damage from … tourists.

A little illumination

All these years we’ve been in the dark about light. A new study says it’s found a “new form” of light that’ll fundamentally change our understanding of it.

Lickety split

Ever wanted to lick your cat? Soon you can, thanks to the Licki Brush. It’ll probably permanently harm your human relationships, but whatever.


Got an old iPhone laying around? Dust it off and take it fishing, like a guy did in Australia. Hey, he caught a two-pound fish, so who’s laughing now?

What lurks beneath

Number of the day

$136 million

LeBron James’ expected payday from his new lifetime deal with Nike. And that doesn’t count his cash from the Cavs, so he really can live like a king.


Vet rodeo

Elmo the Irish setter tickles those ivories and belts out a tune that only a dog parent could love.