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If the 2016 candidates had their own burgers

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Celebrity Chef Spike Mendelsohn's restaurant "Good Stuff Eatery" currently has a "Prez Obama Burger".

He would add a "Huuuge Burger" with "bling" and "pizazz" to his menu if Donald Trump becomes president.

For Hillary Clinton, he'd fashion a burger featuring international ingredients.

A Bernie Sanders burger would be "very Americana" with a little spice.

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“It’d be huuuge. You know what, that’s what we’ll call it, we’ll call it the ‘Huuuge Burger!’”

Celebrity chef Spike Mendelsohn’s restaurant, “Good Stuff Eatery,” has a couple of popular menu items that are set to expire in a few months: the “Prez Obama Burger” and “the Michelle Melt.”

In the event of a Donald Trump presidency, the Washington, D.C.-based chef cooked up what he would add to the menu.

“I think the Donald Trump burger will be triple, quadruple stacked, it will have a lot of pizazz to it,” said Mendelsohn.

And it’d be pricey, to reflect Trump’s wealth, a subject the candidate brings up often on the campaign trail.

“My check average is around $12-$15 at Good Stuff Eatery, but I can’t help to put like something that’s a little bit more expensive as a Trump burger,” he said. “Just showing off his bling.”

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If Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton clinches the general election, the “Top Chef” star would highlight the former secretary of state’s foreign policy chops and international experience.

“I’d probably use a couple more international ingredients, just cause of her work that she’s done,” he said. “Maybe it’d be like wild boar, you know, ground wild boar burger with different worldly ingredients.”

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For burger fans looking to “Feel the Bern,” Mendelsohn says he would spice things up.

“Bernie Sanders, we’re just going to put a really delicious double-stack bacon cheeseburger with American cheese, very Americana. And then we’ll come up with the Bernie sauce, whatever that is,” he said. “Maybe it’ll have a little tang into it, a little spice because Bernie’s out there, he’s a little aggressive. So we’d want to punch you in the face with flavor there.”

CNN caught up with Mendelsohn at “Feeding the 5,000,” an event meant to draw attention to food waste. Chefs and local organizations cooked up a giant meal made entirely of recovered produce – the imperfect fruits and vegetables that rarely make it to grocery store shelves, and are often thrown away and end up rotting in a landfill.

“People get scared of the blemishes, the deformity, but educating yourself … on what a good vegetable is is very important, because you can cut these out, and this is still some great vegetable left,” Menelsohn said, brandishing a misshapen sweet potato.

CNN’s Eric Weisbrod contributed to this report.