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Hillary Clinton impersonated Donald Trump at an event in Kentucky Monday, mocking the presumptive GOP nominee

Trump has mimicked Clinton on the stump as well

Bowling Green, Kentucky CNN —  

Hillary Clinton impersonated Donald Trump at an event Monday, mocking the presumptive Republican nominee during a speech where the former secretary of state pretended to be in a general election debate.

Clinton, somewhat taking on Trump’s New York affect, knocked the businessman-turned-politician for lack of specificity on his economic plans.

“Let’s just imagine I am on a debate stage with Donald Trump,” Clinton said to applause. “Now personally, I am really looking forward to that.”

Then she got into the impression, “So let’s suppose, here is the question, ‘so what is your plan to create jobs,’ His answer is, ‘I am going to create them, they are going to be great, I am going to do it. But I am not telling you what it is that I am going to do.’”

She then added, using a quick cadence to show she has specifics, “I am going to say, ‘Here is what we are going to do, here is what we are going to do, here is how we are going to change the tax code, here is how we are going to incentivize people to do it.’”

“Now some people might say, well, all anybody wants to hear is just, ‘I am going to do it. I am not telling you how.’ I don’t believe that,” she added. “Maybe in the preliminaries like the Republican primary that is all they want to hear. But Americans take their vote for president seriously. They are going to be looking at that TV screen, saying, ‘He still doesn’t have anything to tell us? Wait a minute.’”

Clinton, despite still having to run against Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, has taken to focusing on Trump in her stump speeches, knocking the unexpected presumptive Republican nominee as unfit for the job and dangerous to foreign relations.

Clinton used to mimic Trump regularly – especially during contests in Iowa and New Hampshire – but has recently stuck with hitting him on policy and issues.

Trump, what’s more, has mimicked Clinton.

“Even her victory speeches, I saw the other night, Hillary Clinton, she’s got a teleprompter,” Trump said earlier this month in Indiana before he started to act robotic and say, “And we will travel North and South and East and West.”

Clinton’s comments came during her two-day swing through the Bluegrass State, where Democrats will go to the polls on Tuesday.