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Clinton won more delegates in a chaotic Nevada Democratic convention

Bernie Sanders supporters protested

Washington CNN  — 

Hillary Clinton maintained her delegate advantage in Nevada as the state Democratic convention adjourned amid chaos Saturday night.

The reason things wrapped up quickly and unceremoniously: They were kicked out of the casino hosting the convention.

The Nevada State Democratic Party said Sunday that the Paris Las Vegas Hotel’s security said it could no longer handle their event.

“At approximately 10:00 p.m. on Saturday night, the director of security for the Paris Las Vegas Hotel informed the state party and representatives from both presidential campaigns that the property could no longer provide the necessary security under conditions made unruly and unpredictable. Paris Las Vegas Hotel security requested a prompt conclusion to the event,” the Nevada State Democratic Party said in a statement.

From there, the state chairwoman Roberta Lange accepted a motion to adopt the delegate slates submitted by the Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders campaigns, the state party said.

Sanders’ supporters had hoped that winning county conventions would give them more delegates than Clinton – and therefore would help the Vermont senator secure an advantage in Nevada, even though Clinton had won the state’s Democratic caucuses in February.

But the state party’s count gave Clinton a 33-delegate advantage out of the 3,400 who attended Saturday.

The results of the convention mean Nevada will send 20 pledged delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia for Clinton, plus 15 for Sanders. Another eight, many of whom have committed to backing Clinton, will go as superdelegates.

Sanders’ supporters booed and protested the count, according to local media reports. They’d also produced a “minority report” of 64 Sanders supporters who they said were wrongly denied delegate status – which the state party explained by saying those individuals’ records couldn’t be located or they weren’t registered as Democrats by the May 1 deadline.