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The meaning of Megyn Kelly's meeting with Donald Trump

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Kelly appeared with Jimmy Fallon

The Fox host's interview with Trump airs Tuesday

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Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly previewed her highly-anticipated interview with Donald Trump in an appearance on NBC’s “Tonight Show” on Thursday, describing the careful steps she took to set it up and saying that “we do talk about what happened” between the two over the course of the 2016 campaign.

As part of her week long press tour, Kelly told host Jimmy Fallon about her visit to Trump Tower, unaccompanied by network executives or cameramen, during which she requested the interview with the likely Republican presidential nominee.

“We didn’t address anything that had happened” in the first conversation, Kelly said. “I didn’t ask him about any of the tweets or any of the things he said because I was looking to move past that, you know?”

“I didn’t want to go to the acrimonious place. So we had a normal conversation like a candidate and reporter, and then we did – then we sat down for an interview, and in that interview we do talk about what happened,” Kelly added.

The Fox News anchor also previewed a clip from the interview, which will air on Tuesday on Fox. In the clip, Kelly presses Trump about his reaction to her questioning his comments toward women during the first Republican presidential debate on Fox back in August.

“You know, it’s not a cocktail party,” Kelly told Trump in the interview regarding the tough questions.

“No, no. I’ll tell you what, in a certain way, what you did might have been a favor. Because I felt so good about having gotten through, I said, if I can get through this debate, with those questions, you can get through anything,” Trump replied.

Throughout the 2016 campaign, Kelly has been a frequent target for Trump, often the subject of his critical tweets and sharp rhetoric. Their relationship soured early on as a result of Kelly’s questions as a co-moderator during that first presidential debate, and the candidate and the journalist did not speak for months afterward, instead trading barbs over the airwaves and internet.