Ah! So that's what J. Lo was saying in Ja Rule's 'I'm Real'

You're singing these lyrics wrong!
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    You're singing these lyrics wrong!


You're singing these lyrics wrong! 02:19

(CNN)Add it to the list. Perhaps just under "Hold me closer Tony Danza" and right above "Don't go, Jason Waterfalls." For years, most of us likely thought we knew exactly what Jennifer Lopez said at the beginning of the 2001 Ja Rule-collaborative hit "I'm yours."

It was, of course, "Are you Ellie?"
Wait, or was it "Are you ready"?
Don't remember? Take a listen:
    We should've known when there wasn't another reference to Ellie that we were a little off. Though to be fair, "are you ready" seemed like a very plausible line.
    But, thanks to Jezebel, we now know -- for better or worse-- that she actually said "R-U-L-E."
    Which makes complete sense when you think about it. Ja Rule had just asked her "What's my mother****ing name?"
    Be, ahem, real with us and take our poll - what did you think she was singing?
    And if you knew all along, well, good for you.