Ex-Mexican President Vicente Fox knocks Trump, Sanders

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  • Vicente Fox is a former president of Mexico
  • "He is offending all of us," Fox said of Donald Trump

Washington (CNN)Former Mexican President Vicente Fox's war on Donald Trump continues.

On the podcast "Kickass Politics" which was released Tuesday, Fox compared Trump to left-wing figures from Latin America, including the late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez and Bolivian socialist icon Evo Morales.
"Wake up Americans. He's a false prophet," Fox told the show's hosts. "Every day he lies and lies."
    Fox, a conservative politician, is a proponent of NAFTA, one of the trade agreements Trump and Bernie Sanders regularly rail against on the stump. He cast both of the candidates as out of touch with economic reality and wrongly opposed to free trade. He went as far as to compare their campaigns to "What we saw in Latin America throughout the 20th Century."
    Fox also briefly praised Hillary Clinton, whom he called "experienced," and floated the idea of her running with Sanders to appeal to young people.
    Still, the brunt of Fox's comments were focused on Trump, building a nearly hour-long case against the real estate mogul's candidacy.
    "Trump is crazy. He cannot solve all the problems of all these people," Fox said. "He's crazy."
    He went further still, accusing the Republican of stirring up global racial animus.
    "We're coming back to the era of the ugly American, which was the gringo was hated around the world," Fox said. "He (Trump) is the hated gringo because he is attacking all of us. He is offending all of us."
    The former Mexican president called Trump's proposal to control remittances -- payments from people in the United States back to people in other countries -- in an attempt to force Mexico to pay for his border wall nothing short of criminal.
    "He says, 'What I'm going to do is I'm going to take away from Mexican's remittances.' That's robbery," Fox said.
    Fox once again vehemently pledged not to contribute to Trump's wall.
    "I'm not going to pay for that f---ing wall. And please don't take out the f---king full word," Fox said.
    The Trump's campaign did not immediately respond to CNN request for comment.
    The former Mexican president and the Republican Party's presumptive nominee have battled through the press and social media for months.
    In February, Fox told Fusion's Jorge Ramos of Trump's proposed border wall, "I'm not going to pay for that f---ing wall," and repeated the same phrase on live TV days later.
    Trump has occasionally called out Fox at his campaign rallies over the comment, criticizing his use of a profanity and vowing to raise the wall even higher in response.
    Soon after, in an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, Fox compared Trump to Adolf Hitler.
    The feud between the two has shown few signs of ebbing. Last week, Fox mocked Trump on Twitter by pointing out the "Made in China" label on a Donald Trump branded tie.
    Last week, Fox offered an apology to Trump, but only for his vulgar language.
    Asked about Fox likening Sanders to Latin American dictators alongside Trump, Sanders' campaign manager Jeff Weaver, speaking on CNN's "New Day" Tuesday morning, dismissed Fox as a "right-wing politician from Mexico."
    "He's just wrong," Weaver said. "Right-wing foreigners, you can take that with what it's worth."