How big is the fire in Fort McMurray?

(CNN)85,000 hectares. That's a massive number. It equates to 210,000 acres, or 329 square miles. It can be tough to visualize just how much of Canada's Alberta province is currently on fire.

The wildfire, which started Sunday, is located in Fort McMurray, a town about 250 miles north of Edmonton.
Here are some comparisons to other cities to help show just how big the blaze is. (There are approximate proportions as of May 5, as the fire has grown since then).
    While the city of London is a little shy of 3 square miles, the area of the greater region is roughly 609 square miles. The Alberta fire would engulf all of that, and then some.
    Imagine most of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens burning. That's how big the fire in Canada is.
      Toronto, despite being one of Canada's largest cities at about 240 square miles big, would be eclipsed by the flames.
      Here's what we know about the fire, and how you can help.