Women's shoes, bras discovered behind hidden wall in Michigan barn

Fake wall holds mystery for Michigan homeowners
michigan homeowner finds mystery hidden closet in barn dnt_00002525


    Fake wall holds mystery for Michigan homeowners


Fake wall holds mystery for Michigan homeowners 01:32

(CNN)A drywall crack in a Michigan barn has led to a mysterious discovery.

Homeowner Gwen Skover told CNN affiliate WNEM this week that her family noticed a drywall crack in their barn. When they started to clean out the structure, they found a hidden or fake wall behind a closet.
Inside, Skover said, they discovered a makeshift rack with 53 pairs of women's and children's shoes. Bras were also found stuffed inside some of the footwear.
Family says hidden closet found behind this wall in barn
"We were creeped out at first," Skover told the affiliate.
    The family has owned the property in Gladwin County, Michigan, for eight years.
    State Police have been called to investigate, the affiliate reported, but apparently told the homeowners the shoes may have been some sort of fetish and not linked to any crime.
    Skover speculated the items date to the 1970's, and that "maybe somebody (was) having their little thing in the garage privately."
    The homeowners have sealed the wall and plan to throw away the items.