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Potential wildcard in Clinton/Trump showdown

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It’s Monday, and here are five things to know for your New Day.


Move along folks, nothing to see here: Go home. That’s what protest leader Ammon Bundy asked of his fellow protesters yesterday, a day after he and others were arrested during a traffic stop. Bundy wants everyone still at Oregon’s Malheur National Wildlife Refuge to “stand down” and go back home to their families, because “this fight is ours for now in the courts.” But the remaining occupiers don’t sound like they’re going anywhere anytime soon. So, it’s still anyone’s guess whether this thing will end in a bang or a whimper.

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Trump vs. Clinton: mapping out a potential path to 270


More revelations: America’s (once) favorite TV dad made headlines once again this weekend, with the release of more details from a civil lawsuit deposition taken a decade ago. In it, Bill Cosby said he had sexual relationships with at least five women outside of his marriage, gave prescription sedatives to women he wanted to have sex with and tried to hide the affairs from his wife. Cosby – who has never been criminally charged – said in the deposition that the sex and drug-taking were consensual.

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Raging wildfire in Alberta forces 80,000 to evacuate


Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?: Yesterday, police arrested at least five gang members connected to two of the escaped inmates. And more arrests are in the offing. It’s not exactly clear what the gang members were arrested for, but police did say the escapees definitely had help from outside the jail.

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Does North Carolina law endanger transgender citizens?


So much for a warm welcome: Some places in Europe have welcomed refugees from the Middle East and North Africa with open arms. Others? Not so much. We’re looking at you, Denmark, and your law allowing officials to seize migrants’ cash and valuables to help “cover expenses.” And you, Middlesbrough, England, where you’ve put asylum seekers in homes with red doors. Very subtle. And you, Wales, and you Hungary, and ….

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Report: Aides sought addiction help for Prince


Still searching: The hunt for a motive continues in last week’s shootings at two military centers in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Investigators are still digging into the past of gunman Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez, who killed four Marines and a member of the Navy. The gunman’s family spoke out publicly for the first time and has told investigators he was depressed and abused drugs.

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Pres. Obama drinks filtered Flint water, says "it's safe"


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Beat it

A new plant named Jamesbondia isn’t named after who you think it is. But there are plenty of organisms carrying the names of celebs.

Coachella for old people?

The Desert Trip music festival will have you jamming in the California desert – just like the young folks – to the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney and others.

Public service announcement

You know Cinco de Mayo isn’t really a holiday, right? So no running around with sombreros and fake mustaches, OK? Here’s more helpful do’s and don’ts.

Reptiles chase zzzz’s too

A new study says lizards sleep just like we do … meaning they don’t get nearly enough either, right?

Play responsibly

There was no winner for last night’s Powerball drawing, so the jackpot’s up to $415 million. Next drawing is Saturday, so cue the nationwide lottery craziness.

What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate

What lurks beneath

Number of the day

$136 million

The price the world’s second-biggest diamond – its the size of a tennis ball! – is expected to fetch at an auction in London next month.


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Obamas get down on 'Star Wars' Day

Straight outta jacket

On “Star Wars” Day, President Obama, Michelle Obama, R2D2 and some stormtroopers get down to “Uptown Funk” in the White House.