Dana Milbank to keep promise to eat column if Trump wins nomination

Donald Trump: General election starts now
Donald Trump: General election starts now


    Donald Trump: General election starts now


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Story highlights

  • Milbank put out a call for newspaper cuisine recipes
  • Newspaper chilaquiles are leading the reader poll

Washington (CNN)Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank is making good on his promise to literally eat "an entire column, newsprint and ink" if Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination.

Milbank was one of many -- including journalists, political consultants and pundits -- who vastly underestimated Trump's ability to clinch the GOP nomination.
After Trump won the Indiana Republican primary Tuesday and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz dropped out of the race, Milbank received tweets and emails demanding that he keep his promise and "EAT IT!!!"
    "To them, I say: Con gusto," Milbank wrote in a column posted Wednesday, which means "with pleasure" in Spanish.
    "Through the magic of crowdsourcing, I have discovered that eating newspaper can be downright mouth-watering. This is going to be huge! We are going to build a big, beautiful meal -- and Mexico is going to pay for it," Milbank wrote.
    Readers are voting for their favorite newspaper cuisine Thursday and Milbank tweeted that "newspaper chilaquiles are leading the poll."
    Other cuisine choices include "crispy newspaper dumplings," "ground newspaper falafel" and "Indian-style mulligatawny with toasted newspaper."
    Victor Albisu of Washington's Del Campo restaurant is actually going to prepare a selection of those dishes and Washington Post food critic Tom Sietsema is set to taste and judge them. And of course, Milbank is set to eat them.
    All of this will be streamed live on The Washington Post's Facebook page next Thursday.