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Clinton: I'd put Bill to work on economy

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Hillary Clinton won Clinton County, Kentucky

The Democratic front-runner had lost eight counties that are named Clinton

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Hillary Clinton has finally won a county that shares her last name.

The Democratic front-runner on Tuesday comfortably beat primary rival Bernie Sanders in Clinton County, Kentucky, along the Tennessee state line. That was the first time in nine tries that she won in county sharing her last name – or technically that of her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

Clinton won the small Kentucky county 58-36%, or 151 votes to Sanders’$2 93. That’s at least a small measure of political comeuppance for Clinton over Sanders’ previous romps in counties sharing her last name, including Clinton County, Indiana, which he won by 18 points on May 3.

Most of the counties are named for DeWitt Clinton, the seventh governor of New York and man behind the Erie Canal, not Hillary or Bill Clinton. Clinton counties in New York and Ohio are named for George Clinton, a founding father and the fourth vice president of the United States, not the funk master.

Here is a list of Clinton’s Clinton County losses, in addition to Sanders’$2 59% to 41% blowout in the Indiana iteration:

- Clinton County, Illinois - 58% to 41%

- Clinton County, Iowa - 51% to 49%

- Clinton County, Michigan - 56% to 42%

- Clinton County, Missouri - 51% to 46%

- Clinton County, Ohio - 50% to 49%

- Clinton County, New York - 74% to 26%

- Clinton County, Pennsylvania - 50% to 48%

Clinton County, New York, it should be noted, provided Sanders, the Vermont senator, a near-home field advantage. It sits on the Vermont state line in the far northwest corner of the Empire State, along the U.S. border with Canada.

The Democratic primary opponents will have one more shot at namesake bragging rights, in Sanders County, Montana, where that state’s primary is on June 7. The locality sits along the Idaho state line in Montana’s far west.