01:10 - Source: Turlock Fire Department
Four kittens rescued from fire

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Four kittens are found in burnt rubble of a woodpile

A firefighter equipped with a body camera records the rescue

CNN —  

These kittens live to meow another day after they were rescued from a fire in California.

Turlock Fire Department responded to a small fire outside a home in the early morning hours on Monday. They didn’t realize a litter of kittens was living in the woodpile that had caught fire.

The blaze was quickly extinguished and while the firefighters were finishing up in the area, they stumbled across four feline survivors.

A firefighter equipped with a lapel camera captured the moment the weak, foam-drenched kittens were pulled from the burnt rubble.

“Hey chief, I found two victims,” said one firefighter in the video.

The kittens were rinsed off with a bottle of water as one let out a weak meow.

“I know it’s cold buddy,” said another firefighter. “It’s OK, I got to get this foam off of you.”

Two more kittens were found and reunited with their siblings.

Turlock Fire Department posted the video on its Facebook page stating that the kittens were also reunited with their mother, who returned to the scene.

CNN’s Lacey Willis and Braden Walker contributed to this report.