13 'Parks and Recreation' GIFs that perfectly describe the Indiana primary

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  • Indiana held its primary votes on Tuesday night
  • Thinking about Indiana and politics got people thinking about the NBC comedy 'Parks and Recreation'

Washington (CNN)On Tuesday night, the people of Indiana cast their primary ballots. Naturally, thinking about Indiana and politics got a lot of people thinking about the NBC comedy "Parks and Recreation," which depicts the lives of bureaucrats and politicians in a fictional small town in Indiana.

While the presidential primary is only getting more contentious, the residents of Pawnee, Indiana, are always upbeat, so it only seemed right to summarize the Indiana primary with some of the best "Parks and Rec" moments.
First things first. Remind me what everyone in the race wants.
    The race was a little lighter on Tuesday given the fact that Republicans Ted Cruz and John Kasich struck a deal where Kasich wouldn't campaign in Indiana in an effort to stop Donald Trump from winning the state. Team Kasich pulled a Chris Traeger and literally thought that sounded like the best idea.
    Coming into this leg of the race, candidates from both parties spent millions on ads in the state.
    On the Republican side, a confident Trump ended up taking the state.
    Trump now has more than 1,000 of the 1,237 delegates needed to clinch the GOP nomination.
    Cruz gave his final concession speech before choosing to suspend his campaign.
    Even Trump had nice things to say about Cruz after he dropped out.
    So really this is the best the Kasich camp can hope for.
    On the Democratic side, Sen. Bernie Sanders was able to pull off a narrow upset.
    Time to brush it off and head for the next stops, Nebraska and West Virginia, where the next state primaries will take place.
    Maybe life, or at the very least, politics, imitates art.
    Never forget the #ParksAndRecPrimary.