Bobby Jindal will vote for Trump -- grudgingly

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  • Jindal told CNN's Brooke Baldwin on Tuesday that Trump is likely to win Indiana
  • Jindal did have some words of praise for Trump

Washington (CNN)Former Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal says he'll vote for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton if that's the November match-up -- but he won't be happy about it.

Jindal called the war of words Tuesday heading into Indiana's primary between Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz "disgusting," and he said plenty of Republicans like himself are eager for other options.
But Jindal told CNN's Brooke Baldwin on Tuesday that Trump is likely to win Indiana and the party will have to grin and bear it.
    "I think it's likely, this election, this nomination contest could be all but over by tonight. I think it's more and more likely that Donald Trump will be the nominee," Jindal said.
    And in a general election match-up with Hillary Clinton, Jindal said he'd get behind Trump.
    "I do think he'll be better than Hillary Clinton, I don't think it's a great set of choices," Jindal said. "If he is the nominee, I'm going to be supporting my party's nominee. I'm not happy about it ... but I would vote for him over Hillary Clinton."
    The former presidential candidate said at least with Trump there's a chance he'll name a conservative to the Supreme Court or repeal Obamacare, and there is no shot with Clinton.
    Jindal also tweaked Cruz for unloading on Trump. When the former governor was running for president, he was one of the first to deliver a harsh critique of the front-runner, while Cruz made an effort to praise the mogul.
    "I was worried about the rise of the Donald Trump," Jindal said. "I think it's ironic, Ted Cruz was one of the last people to continue to embrace him, to defend him, as recently as December ... so I think it's ironic he's one of the last candidates to go now actually after Donald Trump now that he stands between him and the nomination."
    Jindal did have some words of praise for Trump, saying that although he doesn't believe Trump is truly a conservative, he clearly is speaking to voters.
    "I think Donald Trump has tapped into middle class anxieties." Jindal said. "He's doing well in part because voters are responding to what he is saying, he's saying, look, he'll fight for them."