Paraplegic former Olympian 'humiliated' after TSA pat-down

(CNN)Former Olympian Amy Van Dyken-Rouen said Monday she was humiliated when subjected to a full-body pat-down by a Transportation Security Administration officer at Denver International Airport.

The athlete, who is wheelchair-bound, specifically called out the officer in an Instagram post, identifying him as Keith Rogers. Van Dyken-Rouen called Rogers' behavior "rude and incorrect."
"Den is doing it wrong. Had a full body pat down, and was humiliated by him as well," Van Dyken-Rouen said, calling out the Denver airport as well.
The TSA released a statement shortly after Van Dyken-Rouen's post went viral.
    "TSA works closely with the disability community to develop screening procedures that integrate the unique needs of those with disabilities or medical issues into the process," the statement said. "TSA reviews passenger complaints, and in this case determined that our officers did not follow correct screening protocols when this individual came through the security checkpoint at Denver International Airport (DEN) this weekend."
    TSA officials claim the officers involved in the pat-down are "undergoing retraining."
    Van Dyken-Rouen expressed her gratitude for the TSA's swift response.
    "I have to say a big THANK YOU to @denairport TSA for making sure they are trained for people with disabilities. I'm not a lightning rod, but I can and will speak out to help others who are afraid to speak out," she said on Instagram.
    Van Dyken-Rouen started using a wheelchair after an ATV crash in 2014 left her paralyzed from the waist down. Prior to the crash, she won six gold medals for swimming in the Olympics.