Policing in America: 3 questions candidates should be asked

Story highlights

  • Cedric L. Alexander: We hear about angry electorate that feels neglected by government
  • Law enforcement represents the government for most of the public, he says
  • Alexander: Candidates should be asked about promoting better police-community relations

Cedric L. Alexander is a CNN law enforcement analyst and director of public safety at the DeKalb County Police Department in Georgia. He is a former national president of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives. The views expressed are his own.

(CNN)There have been plenty of questions asked of the five remaining presidential contenders -- on immigration, foreign policy and even what bathrooms people should be allowed to use. So why is it, as we get ready for another primary Tuesday, we haven't found the time to ask them the three most important questions?

1. How will you support police officers as they face the most challenging law enforcement environment in our lifetime in terms of maintaining and building trusting relationships with the community?
2. What will you do to move forward with the police reforms recommended by President Barack Obama's Task Force on 21st-Century Policing?"
    3. What is your plan for promoting life-saving, life-enhancing relations between the police and communities they serve?