Is the end in sight for meningitis?

Story highlights

  • Meningitis outbreaks take place each year along Africa's 'Meningitis belt'
  • A vaccine against Meningitis A was introduced in many countries along the belt in 2010
  • Within five years, infections have fallen dramatically and elimination is now in sight

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(CNN)Each year, millions are at risk of outbreaks of meningitis that sweep across 26 countries, known as the 'meningitis belt.'

The bacterial disease infected a record 250,000 people -- and caused 25,000 deaths -- during an outbreak in 1996 and numbers have since come in annual waves, with rates of new infections as high 1 in 100 people in some areas.
A second peak of almost 90,000 infections occurred in 2009.
    But now, less than 20 years after the record outbreak,