Trump mocks Cruz for not helping Fiorina when she fell off stage

Story highlights

  • Ted Cruz's choice for VP Carly Fiorina fell at a recent rally
  • Donald Trump criticized Monday the Texas senator for doing nothing to help her

Washington (CNN)Donald Trump called out Texas Sen. Ted Cruz Monday for not noticing when his running mate Carly Fiorina fell off the stage at a campaign event.

"Even I would have helped her, ok?" Trump said to big laughs at his rally in Carmel, Indiana. "She fell off! She just went down! She went down a long way."
Trump was referencing a rally in Lafayette, Indiana, over the weekend when Fiorina introduced Cruz. As he walked out to the stage and began shaking hands with the crowd, she fell off the stage. He gives no indication that he saw her in video captured of the incident and continued greeting the crowd.
    Cruz and Fiorina have been sharp critics of Trump in recent weeks, as the Texas senator tries to prevent the Republican presidential front-runner from locking up enough delegates to win the nomination before the GOP convention this summer.
    The Cruz campaign did not immediately respond for comment.