Mother’s Day gift ideas that are actually cool


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Mother's Day is Sunday, May 8, giving you time to nab mom a trendy, thoughtful gift

Check this list of presents for every kind of mom

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Every year in mid-spring, there comes a morning when you wake up in a cold sweat with one thought on your mind.

When is Mother’s Day this year?! God forbid, did I miss it?!!!

No, you haven’t missed it. Mother’s Day falls on different dates around the world, but for the United States, Mother’s Day is always the second Sunday in May. Go ahead and mark that in your calendar for next year so you don’t have to have another panic attack.

Thankfully, there is still time to put together a thoughtful offering for the mom in your life. We’re not saying any mom wouldn’t appreciate some pancakes and a nice card, but if you really want to win Mother’s Day, all it takes is a little extra thought and a dash of personalization.

For the glam mom: Trendy skincare

Impress a beauty-minded mom by flexing your knowledge of skincare trends. Korean beauty products are big right now, so pick up a few sheet masks (the ones that make the wearer look like a spooky ghost). Bath bombs – fizzy tablets packed with color, scent and skin-friendly ingredients – are also supertrendy. They range in price from about $3 to $12 a pop, so you can get a bunch or invest in a few posh options.

For the creative mom: An adult coloring book

Now that adult coloring books are hot, you can find them practically ANYWHERE. They’re even in the checkout line at the grocery store! Complete the gift with a nice set of colored pencils and some peace and quiet for once.

For the sentimental mom: A memory turned into art

The best gift some moms can get on Mother’s Day is a good cry. Elevate your childhood finger paint art and commission a local artist to draw a favorite photograph or create a personalized card (it’s cheaper and faster than it sounds). A locket or piece of jewelry with a meaningful quote on it would also be a hit, or take matters into your own hands and put together a scrapbook of a favorite family trip. Boom: Instant tears.

For the offbeat mom: Awkward family photos

Bonus to this idea: It costs basically nothing. Gather the kids up, dress them in the ugliest sweaters you can find, and strike a pose for a legendarily awkward family photo. If you’re the kid, find a weird old baby picture and recreate it, #TBT style. Her Facebook friends will thank you.

For the practical mom: Replace something lost or fix something broken

Listen, is it the most romantic idea? No. But if mom has been driving around with a dinged up side mirror, or the garage light hasn’t worked since 2006, fix the dang thing! You can still be sentimental: If she’s ever mourned over a lost bracelet or a broken mug, try to find a close replacement.

For the culinary mom: Luxury ingredients

If your favorite mom likes to cook (even after surviving untold struggles over family meal options), get her something Food Network-level fancy that she’ll enjoy experimenting with. Culinary lavender, truffle oils, infused vinegar and goods imported from her favorite travel destination are all great options.

Feeling a little better about your Mother’s Day gift prospects? Your mom is, too.