Margaret Cho gets political

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  • Margaret Cho released a new album Friday
  • The actress said Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are "appalling"

Los Angeles (CNN)While some Bernie Sanders supporters might not vote for Hillary Clinton if she wins the Democratic nomination, Margaret Cho told CNN she hates to see the "infighting" and "low blows" in the primary and that the stakes are too high not to vote.

"I am a Bernie Sanders supporter. I am also a Hillary Clinton supporter. I really think they're both great," the comedienne recently told CNN in an interview, adding that she will vote for either candidate "because on the GOP side it's a nightmare."
Cho said that Republican front-runner Donald Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz are "appealing to people's phobias, their ignorance and it's appalling to watch."
    She also added that "both candidates are guilty of the same kinds of sexism, homophobia, racism, xenophobia."
    Cho, who released her new album "American Myth" on Friday, said that while she is sad to see the Obama administration go, she hopes that Clinton or Sanders can continue to champion issues she cares about like LGBT rights, reproductive rights and addressing sexual abuse.
    "American Myth" includes tracks like "Anna Nicole," a tribute to the late model and actress Anna Nicole Smith, who died in 2007 of an overdose.
    "I'm very much a political person because I'm a woman of color, I'm a progressive woman of color, I'm a queer woman of color. I'm a lot of different things," the Grammy-nominated artist said, adding that the legacy of the late Harvey Milk, who became the first openly gay politician to hold elected office in California, continues to inspire her to speak out.
    Milk was assassinated in Cho's hometown of San Francisco on November 27, 1978, along with the city's mayor George Moscone, who became known as one of the early supporters of gay rights.
    "I grew up in the era of Harvey Milk and was able to witness him and see the kind of work that he did and see the incredible loss and devastation at his assassination," Cho said. "And it really inspired me for a lifetime of work and activism within the LGBT community."
    Cho infuses her activism into her comedy and in her latest project, "American Myth," Cho said she tries to give voice to survivors of sexual abuse through "a bunch of anthems."
    "It's songs about loss and grief and love and death and there are songs about sexual abuse, songs about revenge and songs about healing," said Cho, who is a victim of sexual abuse.
    "This album is called 'American Myth,' but it's about American truth," Cho added.