Bryn Thomas

Updated 7:56 PM ET, Thu April 28, 2016
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Music, especially his beloved harmonica, helped Bryn Thomas through an unusual drug reaction. His mom, Millie, wrote a song about the frustration and desperation she felt while dealing with the mysterious illness. Bryn, who has nonverbal autism and cerebral palsy, and his mom recorded the song to raise money for a therapy dog. Courtesy Millie Thomas
Bryn was born prematurely, and mom Millie said she knew early on that something was wrong. Courtesy Millie Thomas
Young Bryn struggled to communicate. She tried using different methods, such as sign language. Courtesy Millie Thomas
Bryn attended the White House Easter Egg Roll in 2009. Courtesy Millie Thomas
In 2011, Bryn started taking Prozac to improve his communication and lower his anxiety. It worked well at first, and his doctors increased the dosage. But one day in 2013, Bryn became very ill. He struggled to convey his distress. Courtesy Millie Thomas
Two years after he became ill, Bryn's teacher read on Wikipedia about a condition that can be brought about by antipsychotic or antidepressant medication. His Prozac dosage was cut back, and Bryn improved. Courtesy Millie Thomas