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"I think we stand a very good chance to win some of the states today," Sanders said

"We have won 16 states so far," he said

Washington CNN  — 

Bernie Sanders acknowledged Tuesday his path to winning the Democratic nomination is narrowing, as front-runner Hillary Clinton is poised to extend her lead among pledged delegates.

Voters head to the polls Tuesday in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island – dubbed the ‘Acela primary’ after the high-speed Amtrak train that extends through the Northeast corridor – and Clinton is expected to outperform Sanders, potentially building pressure on him to exit the race.

But Sanders – whose advisers have previously insisted he would pursue the nomination through July’s convention – said he will remain in until at least June 7, when the last primaries are held.

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“It’s a narrow path, but we do have a path,” Sanders told CNN’s Chris Cuomo on “New Day.” “And the idea that we should not contest in California – our largest state, let the people of California determine what the agenda of the Democratic Party is and who the candidate for president should be – is pretty crazy.”

Sanders also said he has a “very good chance” at winning some of the states in Tuesday’s primary elections.

“I think we stand a very good chance to win some of the states today. I think we have a shot in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island. Maybe Delaware. I think Maryland’s going to be tougher for us,” he said. “We have won 16 states so far and I’m looking forward to winning a number more.”

Clinton, meanwhile, leads Sanders in the pledged delegate count by about 250. She’s sought to turn her attention to likely general election rival Donald Trump, but Sanders’ continued presence, and the fervent support of his backers, has made the task more difficult.

And at least for now, Sanders says he isn’t going anywhere.

“I think we’ve got a path to victory and we’re going to fight this until the last vote is cast,” he said. “So we’re in this until the end.”