Judge rules Kalamazoo shooting suspect Brian Jason Dalton fit for trial

Jason Brian Dalton has been charged with six counts of murder in the February 22 shootings.

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  • A judge rules Jason Brian Dalton is competent to stand trial
  • Uber driver in Michigan accused of killing six people and injuring two others

(CNN)A Michigan man who blamed Uber for the deadly shooting spree he's accused of has been deemed competent to stand trial.

Police say Jason Brian Dalton killed six people and injured two others in between picking up fares as an Uber driver in the southwestern Michigan city of Kalamazoo.
After the February 20 shootings, he told investigators the Uber app made him "like a puppet" and that it would "take over your whole body."
    Dalton, 45, underwent a psychiatric evaluation. And on Friday, Kalamazoo County 8th District Court Judge Tiffany Ankley said he was fit for trial.
    He is charged with six counts of murder.