Trump transition: 'I'm not going to blow it'

(CNN)Donald Trump acknowledged in an interview published late Wednesday that it's not just his campaign that is "evolving and transitioning," but the candidate himself.

"I'm not going to blow it," Trump said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.
As his campaign girds itself for what Trump's newly hired convention manager Paul Manafort has referred to as the next "phase" of the campaign, Trump said he, too, is making some substantive changes.
"I'll be more effective and more disciplined," Trump said
    The Republican front-runner is preparing to deliver a series of prepared policy speeches aimed at making him look more serious and presidential -- the first of which will be a foreign policy speech April 27 in Washington, Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski confirmed to CNN.
    The campaign is also planning to hire a speechwriter, the Journal reported, a move that would deliver a significant shift from Trump's characteristically off-the-cuff speaking style.
    Trump first delivered a prepared speech in March at the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee's annual gathering during which Trump first used the teleprompters he has often derided other candidates for using.
    Still, Trump vowed that he is "still the same candidate."
    "Can you imagine how upset my supporters would be after waiting for hours?" he said.