'We are gathered here today' -- Fans react to Prince's death

Fan: Prince represents our future
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    Fan: Prince represents our future


Fan: Prince represents our future 01:10

Story highlights

  • Fans flock to social media to share grief over Prince's death
  • "Oh, no, seriously, Prince?! No. I can't handle another artist lost this year," one Twitter user wrote

(CNN)Prince's sudden death Thursday in Minnesota prompted an outpouring of grief and disbelief from fans on social media, as the words of his hit song, "Let's Go Crazy" found new meaning among lifelong fans mourning the passing of a musical legend.

As the news broke, reactions seemed to follow the classic stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining and depression. Acceptance, it seemed, might need to wait.


    It began as word of a death was just beginning to trickle in, not yet fully confirmed, enough for fans to hang on to a sliver of hope.


    It didn't take long for fans to begin to feel the anger of losing yet another legend.


    Please, can't we make a deal? Can't it be some other way?


    Finally, the sadness took hold ...
    But the party must go on, some argued.