Tina Fey at Tribeca was awesome

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  • Fey sat down with Damian Holbrook at the festival
  • She and Amy Poehler won't be doing a series anytime soon

(CNN)More than an hour of the musings of Tina Fey? Yes please!

The actress and "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" co-creator sat down recently with TV Guide's Damian Holbrook at the Tribeca Film Festival where she discussed everything from her family to her love of the now-canceled NBC musical drama "Smash."
Here are just a few things Fey shared:

    She too is obsessed with "The People vs. O.J. Simpson"

    Fey is grateful that she played Marcia Clark in the first season of her Netflix hit before the world knew of the performance of Sarah Paulson as Clark on FX's "The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story."
    "Could you imagine if I was rolling out that terrible Marcia Clark (now)," Fey said. "That was literally because we could not book anybody. Sarah Paulson was already booked on the other one, I guess."
    Fey is so into the FX series that she said she updated her Emmy voting status just so she could vote for stars Paulson and Sterling K. Brown in the acting categories.

    Pregnancy and that "Mean Girls" musical

    Fans can't wait for the Broadway musical version of Fey's iconic film "Mean Girls," which she's working on with her husband, composer Jeff Richmond. You can thank Fey's most recent star for helping that project along.
    "We're working on the musical adaptation, and thanks to ('Kimmy Schmidt' star) Ellie Kemper's pregnancy, we have this whole summer to work on it," Fey said.

    Don't look for a show with Amy Poehler

    Yes, Fey and her former "SNL" cast mate Amy Poehler are real life BFFs who have hosted the Golden Globes together and done movies. But they have to shut down the constant inquiries about why they don't do a series together.
    "And the funny thing is, and I think we both know this to be true, is that we're actually both alphas," Fey said. "And so it works in short spurts."

    Fey also misses her Sarah Palin character

    It wouldn't be election season without mention of Fey as Palin on "SNL."
    She's returned a time or two lately and said she misses it.
    "It is thrilling to work at 'SNL' during these election seasons and I do miss it a little bit," Fey said. "If ('SNL' creator Lorne Michaels) calls I'm down there."

    Go ahead and call Jane Krakowski her muse

    Fey and Krakoswki were pretty magical on "30 Rock" and the latter now also sparkles on "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt."
    "Someone was saying to me like 'Is Jane your muse," Fey said. "I said I guess maybe now. We're ten years in. We're common law... we're comedy common law."