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April 20 is an unofficial holiday devoted to marijuana

Some of the usual celebrity suspects celebrated on Wednesday

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On April 20, everything goes to pot.

Welcome to 4/20, the day the world celebrates all things marijuana. While there have been tons of theories about how “Weed Day” came to be, what isn’t disputed is that folks love to recognize it in a myriad of ways.

Celebrities are no exception, and when it comes to the auspicious day, both they and their fans roll with it.

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We’ve already seen posts from the usual suspects, like weed advocates and aficionados. Rapper Wiz Khalifah shared some “stoner emojis,” and Snoop Dogg got a jump on the holiday with a picture of him in a Santa hat for 4/20 eve.

We eagerly await the social media posts later about munchies and naps.