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Sanders said Clinton's campaign will need to listen to young voters if she wins the nomination

He said he believes he'll win the New York primary if voter turnout is high

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Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said Monday that Democratic presidential rival Hillary Clinton’s campaign will need to listen to his supporters if she is the one who takes home the Democratic nomination.

Sanders, asked by CNN’s Chis Cuomo on “New Day” whether he’s considered what he’ll do about his supporters if Clinton becomes the nominee, said it was a “two-way street.”

“So it is a two-way thing. And it’s not me, I don’t control millions of people,” he said. “But the Clinton campaign is going to have to make the case to those young people that in fact they are prepared to stand up for some real fundamental changes in this country. And that’s a case they’ve not been able to make.”

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Sanders added that he doesn’t believe Clinton’s campaign has responded properly to young voters’ issues.

“I really don’t think they have,” he said. “They are very good at rhetoric, and certainly she has moved to the left in response to many of the initiatives that we’ve brought forth.”

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Sanders is making his case in New York ahead of Tuesday’s crucial primary, where he faces off against Clinton in the state they both call home. Clinton leads Sanders 57% to 40%, according to a Wall Street Journal/NBC News/Marist poll released Thursday.

But Sanders said he believes that he’ll win the New York primary if voter turnout is high.

“If working people come out to vote, if young people come out to vote, we can win this thing,” he said.