Denver spring snow cancels flights

Story highlights

  • 70% of Saturday's flights to, from Denver canceled due to snow
  • Some airlines offer change-fee waivers

(CNN)A strong spring snowstorm is stopping travelers in their tracks this weekend in the mountainous state of Colorado.

The near-blizzard weather is expected to bring treacherous travel conditions, close roads and ground flights in and out of the city, officials said.
Denver International Airport reports that approximately 70% of Saturday's flights have been canceled due to the snow.
    The aviation tracking website,, reports 795 flights, both in and out, have been called off.
    Some airlines are offering change-fee waivers due to the inclement weather conditions.
    Denver airport advises passengers to check flight statuses early and often, via Twitter.
    United, Frontier and Southwest airlines are some of the airlines offering change-fee waivers or refunds to affected passengers. United is planning to resume its operations on Sunday.
    Denver is likely to see 8 inches-16 inches of slushy snow by Sunday, the National Weather Service forecasts. The majority of Colorado and southeastern Wyoming are expected to have large amounts of snow. Some higher-elevation areas will see 24 inches or more.
    March and April are generally the snowiest months in Denver.