Ted Cruz fields call from Jimmy Fallon's Donald Trump

Cruz takes call from 'Donald Trump'
Cruz takes call from 'Donald Trump'


    Cruz takes call from 'Donald Trump'


Cruz takes call from 'Donald Trump' 01:45

(CNN)Ted Cruz swung by "The Tonight Show" on Thursday to field a call from a familiar face, one that's become a fixture of late night's 2016 coverage -- Donald Trump, played by host Jimmy Fallon.

Joking that he was skipping Thursday night's CNN Democratic debate to watch one of his admitted favorite movies, "The Princess Bride" -- "for the 843rd time" -- Cruz let Fallon-as-Trump coach him for his interview.
"That's a very generous offer, Donald. I appreciate you being the bigger man," Cruz said.
"Oh I'm the bigger man," Fallon replied. "With the bigger hands. And the bigger...you can't see me, but I'm pointing at my Trump Tower," he joked, a wink at one of the most buzzed about controversies of a historically wild campaign.
    Fallon also teased the results of the Colorado GOP's delegate selection process, which sparked turmoil in the GOP primary after the state decided not to hold a primary or caucus contest, by which delegates would be awarded on the basis of votes. Cruz handily defeated Trump in acquiring the state's delegates as a result of his campaign's superior organizing effort.
    "I won those elections fair and square," Cruz said.
    "You know what I think, I think the people of Colorado did vote, but they were so high they completely forgot," the host shot back. "And let's face it, anyone that high definitely voted for me, so basically I won Colorado."
    Later, Cruz and Fallon "debated" immigration policy -- with Fallon responding to every statement from Cruz by shouting "Wall!" mocking Trump's signature immigration policy proposal.
    Cruz: "We need to secure the border once and for all."
    Fallon: "Once and for wall."
    Cruz: "And start enforcing the rule of law."
    Fallon: "Law spelled backwards is...wall!"
    And when Fallon directed Cruz to take down notes on his advice, Cruz said "hold on let me get my pen" -- instead reaching for a fake bottle of whiskey and pouring himself a glass.