Texting at the movies? It's not that bad

A general view of the atmosphere at the screening of The Weinstein Companies' "Mandela: A Long Walk To Freedom" at AMC Theatre 84th Street, in New York City, on   November 25, 2013.

(CNN)If AMC Entertainment had its way, the light from the big screen wouldn't be the only glow we'd be dealing with in a darkened movie theater.

The chain's CEO said the chain might allow texting inside their theaters, in a not-so-subtle effort to cater to millennials. The mere mention of the idea sent Twitter into all kinds of conniption. And the very next day, AMC sent the idea to the cutting-room floor.
Just as well. We put up with enough annoyances already when we go to the movies:

The folks with no regard for your personal space

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    The slurpers

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    The super-loud popcorn crunchers

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    Those who just CANNOT stop talking ...

    ... if it's not with each other, then with themselves

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    ... or, worse, AT THE SCREEN!

    Let's not forget about the people who bring their babies

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    Yeah, we deal with all that. What's one more?