How many of New York's seized guns began in Vermont?

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  • Hillary Clinton has claimed Vermont is a source of guns flowing to New York
  • It's more complicated than that

(CNN)As part of a partnership with, CNN's Jake Tapper examines a Hillary Clinton claim made about guns traveling from Vermont -- which Bernie Sanders represents in the Senate -- to the streets of New York.

Hillary Clinton claimed that Vermont was the source of the "highest per capita" number of guns that come from out of state and were "used in crimes and violence and killings in New York." That statistic is true for all guns that were successfully traced in New York in 2014 (not all may have been used in a crime). But in terms of raw numbers, Vermont ranked 13th among the outside states with guns recovered in New York.
    As we are fond of saying, one statistic rarely tells the entire story, and that's certainly the case here. Clinton uses the measurement that best backs up her point -- that weak gun control laws in Vermont, the home state of her opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders, are a problem. But her claim could give some the misleading impression that Vermont is a major source of guns used in crimes in New York. It's not.