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Donald Trump's youngest daughter made campaign debut

Tiffany Trump is the only child of Trump and Marla Maples

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Donald Trump’s youngest daughter, Tiffany, defended her father’s treatment of women during her campaign debut Tuesday night at CNN’s family town hall event in New York City.

The 22-year-old is a senior at the University of Pennsylvania and registered – unlike two of her more prominent half-siblings – to vote in that state’s upcoming Republican primary.

The only child of Trump and his second wife, Marla Maples, Tiffany has in the past few months made her first appearance as a runway model and emerged as a minor celebrity on Instagram. She was, according to Town and Country Magazine, named after the “Tiffany’s,” the luxury New York City jewelry store.

But rather than embracing the tabloid life or hitting the stump with her father, she has focused more on school and a minor social media campaign to boost her mother’s turn on this season of “Dancing With The Stars.” (Maples was eliminated on Monday night.)

Not that she isn’t a fan of her father.

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Speaking Tuesday night at CNN’s town hall, Tiffany told moderator Anderson Cooper she channels the Republican presidential front-runner’s “truly inspiring” work ethic “whenever I’m at school studying these long hours.”

“It just makes me want to continue to work harder and improve myself and keep on pushing to my limit,” she said.

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In response to a question about Trump’s relationship with women, Tiffany followed half-sister Ivanka’s lead in backing her father, saying he had displayed “the utmost faith that we can accomplish whatever we set our minds to, just as well as men, if not better.”

“I just truly feel that my father is the best father, the best husband he could be,” Tiffany said.

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She has mostly steered clear of the political fray, though her father did give her a shout out on Twitter after his victories in four March primaries.

“I only wish my wonderful daughter Tiffany could have been with us at Mar-a-Lago for our great election victory,” he wrote. “She is a winner!”

And in Trump World, that might be the highest of high praise.