Marriage advice from The Donald: Get a pre-nup

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  • Trump signed prenuptial agreements with both of his ex-wives
  • But both of his divorces were still bitterly contested

(CNN)CNN's audience has been getting to know Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump since the 1980s, long before reality TV and a political campaign made him a household name.

A deep dive into CNN's archives revealed some of the candidate's most candid on-screen moments, including discussion of his marriages.
Trump was a guest on Larry King's CNN show after divorcing his first two wives, Ivana and Marla. He frequently promoted prenuptial agreements during his interviews with King, an eight-time groom himself.
    Despite signing prenuptial agreements with his brides, both of his divorces were bitterly contested.
    "There's nothing really nice about it. But in our world -- with the long courts and with the vicious lawyers, and with all of the problems -- if you have money or if you think you're going to have money, you have to have a prenuptial agreement," Trump told King in 2006, a year after his third marriage to Slovenian model Melania Knauss.
    Trump and his family are scheduled to appear at a CNN town hall Tuesday at 9 p.m.
    Until then, get other marriage and prenuptial advice from The Donald in the video above.