Bible, 'Fifty Shades' among most challenged books

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  • The American Library Association names the most challenged books of 2015
  • The themes of books on the list include religion and homosexuality

(CNN)Among the topics addressed in the Bible: fornication, masturbation, murder, moneylending, deceitful families, dishonest authorities and -- especially -- religion.

Of all those, it's the last one that got the book named to the American Library Association's list of most challenged books of 2015.
The association put out its annual listing of most challenged books (PDF) Monday, and the Bible came in sixth. (Reason: "religious viewpoint.") It's the first appearance on the list for the Good Book, using records back to 2001.
    Indeed, the list featured a number of newcomers, as well as books returning the list for the first time in years.
    Tops was "Looking for Alaska," John Green's novel about students at a boarding school. After two