'Passed and Present' projects to remember loved ones

Updated 12:55 PM ET, Tue April 12, 2016
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In "Passed and Present: Keeping Memories of Loved Ones Alive," writer Allison Gilbert explores projects and plans for people to grieve, celebrate and share memories of friends and family who passed away.

Working with photos sent to her, Dutch artist Miranda van Dijk transfers images onto fabric that's shaped into a flower, leaf or set of branches. Gilbert used a picture of her husband's grandparents, as well as other family members.
Allison Gilbert/#PassedAndPresent
Gilbert has a quilt made with her father's neckties. It's now a beloved family heirloom, she said. Allison Gilbert/#PassedAndPresent
Cammie Metheny, who runs 106 Vintage Co. in Coleridge, Nebraska, transforms gardening tools, paintbrushes and wooden table legs into sculptures. They can be creative ways to honor loved ones and their passions. Allison Gilbert/#PassedAndPresent
Gilbert said her daughter never met her mom, who died many years before her daughter was born. She digitally altered two images to create an image that featured the three of them together and showed the family ties across generations. Allison Gilbert/#PassedAndPresent
Fabrics from clothing or household items can be repurposed into everyday items for another generation. For example, this army jacket was remade into a duffel bag, Gilbert said. Allison Gilbert/#PassedAndPresent
This is the only recording Gilbert has of her mother's voice. Gilbert's husband had just proposed to her, and her mother called from the hospital to discuss their engagement party. "She wasn't letting cancer get in the way of our celebration," Gilbert wrote. Allison Gilbert/#PassedAndPresent